08 Aug

As we all know, a construction project is primarily dominated by concrete as well as steel components. During the construction process of steel accessories and components like bridges, buildings, elevators, air-handling parts, and other non-building elements; the critical and essential technology that we need to boast is Steel Detailing service!

Now, The Question Is – What Steel Detailing Actually Is?

Well, steel detailing is one of the most critical procedures of structural engineering; that is essential to deal with steel components and members of construction work. The service demands an optimum level of accuracy, as a tiny error can cause great loss of time and money.

It is primarily a technology, used to produce ‘Shop Drawings’ – the diagrams for the production of steel modules like stairs, beams, floors, roofs, columns, trusses, side walls, and handrails - for steel fabricators or engineering firms or anyone dealing with steel components.

Technology Exploited In Steel Detailing

  • CAD: CAD or Computer-Aided Design is used for precise detailing of steel components.
  • 2D Drawing: It lets you create and modify a design quickly and more efficiently.
  • 3D Modelling: 3D Modelling provides a clear and better visualization into the project.

Advantages Of Steel Detailing 

  • Accurate scheduling of Projects: It lets you schedule your projects more accurately and more specifically
  • Lessened Site Risks: Steel Detailing minimizes the site troubles & risks and lets you view and check models concurrently
  • Streamlined Detailing Process: You can enjoy super-fast procedure of project editing and modification.
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